McDiarmid was minister, but left to go to a in Forfar in June

Stonefield Parish Church

canada goose clearance sale The was located on Glasgow Road at the western corner of Church Street during the late 19th Century and through most of the 20th. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose clearance shown on the 1962 map canada goose clearance

Canada Goose sale It was originally noted as being a of Ease later to become known as Stonefield Parish. This of Ease came about as the Old Parish Church built at High Blantyre in 1863, was still subject to overcrowding. Some residents from Low Blantyre had far to walk and so it made sense that another should be built, which would remain under Blantyre Parish Church. The Provost of Hamilton, John Clark Forrest, a prominent landowner canada goose outlet online uk in the town, donated the site for the Church in 1876 although it was not formerly bought until 1878. Like the shops and homes to the east, it was yet another building constructed in the late 1870’s. Canada Goose sale

On 23rd April 1876, a Blantyre Session House record, recorded by Rev Stewart Wright of High Blantyre commented on the greatly increased population of Blantyre and how it now needed a new. Rev Wright read out the following proposed letter, which was to be distributed throughout the Parish. «Every one canada goose jacket outlet sale acquainted with Blantyre is aware of the thorough change that has passed over the parish. A little time ago it was a retired, thinly populated agricultural canada goose outlet london district, but now it has become the important centre of a vast mining population. In 1871, the inhabitants numbered about 3500; a census lately taken shows canada goose outlet online them to have increased to 8000, and we may safely predict, from the evidence everywhere around us, that in five years more the eight thousand will have doubled.»

canada goose deals Rev Stewart continued, «In these circumstances the minister and the kirk session feel that there is the most urgent call upon them to be up and doing, so as to provide accommodation for this vast multitude. Within the bounds of the parish there are at present but two es, Established and Free, both of which cannot accommodate more than 1300 people. The United Presbyterians have a on the coannes? Which can hold 400 more, and the Roman Catholics are about to erect a chapel for their adherents, perhaps numbering about 700; so there is thus a large and increasing population for whom it is incumbent upon the Church of Scotland to provide, without unnecessary delay, religious ordinances. Therefore, the minister and kirk session send forth this appeal to all who love our Zion, and are concerned for the religious instruction of our people, to grant them sympathy and help, that they may, to some extent, meet those spirited demands of their parish. canada goose deals

A site has been promised on the Glasgow and Hamilton Road, in the very centre of the district of Stonefield that is being so quickly populated. The proposed is to accommodate 900 sitters, and will cost between 4000 and 5000. Grants in aid are expected from the Home Mission, the Baird Trust, and the Ferguson Request; but others, too, must be willing and ready to contribute as God has given them power, if we are soon to see erected here for His service, and to His glory, a «holy and a beautiful house.» Your name, as a contributor, will be gladly received by Stewart Wright, minister of Blantyre; or Mr. L. W. Adamson, Rosebank, Blantyre, treasurer. it was to ultimately be paid for by the people of Blantyre.

canada goose coats on sale A letter by Rev Stewart Wright appeared in the Glasgow Herald on Friday 1st March 1878, stating, «SIR Will buy canada goose uk you kindly insert in your journal the enclosed circular, which I recently issued, and in which I plead for subscriptions to defray the expenses of canada goose outlet 80 off a new that is now in course of erection in my parish. The population has so vastly increased that there is urgent need for this new. The mass of the people are poor, being miners and their families, who consequently cannot afford to give much. The people of Scotland have nobly responded to the appeal, which I issued in canada goose outlet 2015 behalf of the many families who were rendered destitute by the recent terrible explosion. I feel assured that I shall not now plead in vain for sympathy and help to meet the spiritual wants of those who are still with us.» canada goose coats on sale

canada goose coats canada goose jacket outlet uk By 1878 subscription monies had been received to start the build. The Foundation stone was laid by Rev Stewart Wright and John Clark Forrest overseeing a small ceremony in May 1878. Mr. A. J. Smith of Glasgow, architect, drew up the plans for the, which was 80 feet long and 47 feet wide, and the spire rose up to 100 feet from a large square pedestal feature. Built by William Adam Builders Joiners of Main Street, High Blantyre, the was designed in the Norman Gothic style and included an apse behind the pulpit to accommodate a choir and canada goose outlet uk sale an organ, and all the side windows were of elaborate design with gablets (separate pitched roofs) over them. canada goose coats

Canada Goose Parka Interior Canada Goose Parka

It was officially opened on Tuesday 29th June 1880 and including the galleries, could seat 900 people. It is unknown if the 5,000 budget was adhered to. The Church was entered from Glasgow Road via ornate large gates between stone pillars, the entrance on a walled perimeter. Rev. Thomas Pryde was ordained to be the pastorate of the and was first to do so, when it opened.

A note in the Kirk Session book on 7th August 1880, records the opening event as described by the Rev Stewart Wright of High Blantyre Old Parish. Noting the opening date and the official canada goose outlet aforementioned ordainment, it was stated that Rev Wright himself conducted the ceremony and services along with Rev Scott, minister of Bargeddie who spoke from the bible Matthew IX v 37. Rev Wright offered prayers.

buy canada goose jacket After the service the ladies of the Parish presented Rev. Pryde with a pulpit gown, hymnbook and bands. Rev. Pryde said his thanks for the gift and the young minister then shook hands with the leaving congregation. A note was also entered about the glorious being constructed in such a populous place. It did remain under the Blantyre Parish Church control until 1890 when it was raised to a Sacra Parish with its own Kirk Session and was then recognised in its own right. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose In 1902 the bell from Blantyre mill, which used to summon David Livingstone to work, was presented to Stonefield Church as a coronation gift. It continued to be used as the bell until it was given in 1922 to Low canada goose outlet Blantyre (Stonefield Parish) School. After the 1970’s, it was returned back to the David Livingstone Centre, where it now is hung from the gable of Shuttle Row. canada goose

General Booth’s Visit to the Church

General Booth Motor Car Tour of 1904 visiting the

Canada Goose Jackets 1904 saw General Booth travel through Scotland is his much celebrated motorcar tour, a cavalcade of early cars travelling from Land’s End to Aberdeen. William Booth, the evangelist preacher, remembered for being the founder of the Salvation Army was on a grand adventure. This was at a time when motor travel was still in its infancy and Booth covered 1,224 miles in 29 days, canada goose outlet toronto location speaking at 75 indoor, 36 outdoor, and 53 overflow meetings. During September, he stopped at to speak about the new car contraption and an audience of 1,500 people packed into the (that could accommodate 900). Outside 3,000 people had assembled in canada goose factory outlet vancouver the open air, quite a considerable percentage of Blantyre’s population, given the event had been advertised in canada goose outlet new york advance. Dr Grant presided and afterwards the General was treated to tea. Canada Goose Jackets

William Booth addresses crowds on his motor car tour of 1904

Canada Goose Outlet In 1909 the minister Rev. Thomas Pryde was also in charge of the Sunday canada goose outlet woodbury school. At the same time the session clerk was Donald McLean. Secretary of the Sunday school was a Miss Gray. Choirmaster was William Steven. Harmounium player was Miss Steven. Canada Goose Outlet

Treasurer of bible canada goose clothing uk class was Miss Steven.

canada goose store The Church also had a Senior Women’s Guild. During 1909, the President was Miss Shaw. Miss Gray was President of the Junior Guild. Mr. Pryde, Treasurer M. McArthur and Secretary George Gray. Rev. Thomas Pryde retired in 1919. canada goose store

canada goose black friday sale On Thursday evening 21st February 1918, the Junior Choir of rendered the kinderspiel entitled «Don Quixote» in the Co operative Hall, Stonefield, Rev. presided, canada goose outlet florida and notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather there was a large turnout. The children rendered their several pieces with pleasing effect, and great credit was due to the conductor, Mr. Malcolm Young, for the excellent manner in which he had the young ones trained. By then the Church had address 139 Glasgow canada goose stockists uk Road. canada goose black friday sale

During the 1920’s, Rev. McDiarmid was minister, but left to go to a in Forfar in June 1929.

cheap Canada Goose During 1921 and 1922, this faced a serious crisis and the building and congregation was canada goose outlet hong kong the subject of discussion at the monthly meetings of Hamilton Presbytery. The fabric of the Church had been wrecked by underground workings and this forced the congregation to worship in temporary buildings built alongside the some time earlier, which quickly became not watertight. A proposed restoration scheme of the old was discussed at a cost of 4,000 held up extensively as the contractors asked for guarantees that they would be paid. cheap Canada Goose

canadian goose jacket The Scotsman on Wednesday 28th September 1921 revealed some things about problems at the «The serious position in which the congregation of, Blantyre, now find themselves was the subject of discussion yesterday canada goose outlet paypal at the monthly meeting of Hamilton Presbytery. The fabric of the was wrecked by underground workings; and for some time back the congregation have been worshipping in temporary accommodation, which in turn is now declared to be not wind and watertight. canada goose outlet winnipeg A proposed restoration scheme of the old at a cost of about 4000 has met with frequent delays on the part of the Baird Trust and the Home Mission Committee, who ask for guarantees of security for the future. The reply to this is that to ask for secure foundations in a mining area like Blantyre is equivalent to asking for the moon. A remit has once more been made to the Committee already appointed by the Presbytery to consider the whole matter, with power to take expert opinion if thought desirable, also to estimate what financial assistance ought to be given by the Presbytery, and report.». canadian goose jacket

buy canada goose jacket cheap The steeple was completely demolished in 1921 to make it safer and garden fetes were still being held in Summer 1922 to raise more money for completing the building repairs. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose online In 1927, the pulpit of the old Village Chapel canada goose parka uk / School was transferred to for use there, a pulpit that David Livingstone himself would have cast eyes upon a century earlier Canada Goose online.

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