Activision had designed Destiny a first person shooter game in

Sony Unveils Playstation 4 System At The Playstation 4 Launch Event In New York

Canada Goose online At 11pm GMT (9am local time, Australia) on the 20 February 2013, Sony has finally hosted its «Future of PlayStation» launch live in New York. This had been one of the biggest converging topics among the gaming industry, journalists and everyone who loves the SCEJ. It had been 7 years since the last PlayStation PS3 had been launched in 2006. It had been said that since the first PlayStation was launched in 1994, canada goose clothing uk the company has sold approximately 3 billion games, and have sold more than a total of 300 million home consoles. Since the end of January, more than 6 million of people have watched a YouTube video under the title of PlayStation2013. People on different social channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have been discussing and hashtaging about this since then. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Jackets Throughout the whole launch event, canada goose outlet winnipeg Andrew House from Sony and a few presidents reinforced the saying that PlayStation4 is going to create full canada goose outlet authentic new experiences that has surpass the expectations from any media and gamers, insisting that Sony will canada goose outlet orlando create the next generation of great games in the current game platform. The two hours canada goose outlet boston of talk was mainly canada goose outlet about introducing the partnership, games and its canada goose outlet 80 off brand new design of remote, the idea of Cloud and remote play. Sony only vaguely mentioned that PS4 would be out in the «coming 2013 holidays», and there had been no finished product of PS4 shown in the presentation. The prices of PS4 (rumors stating approximately $450 to 550) also remains as mystery. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose deals Regarding to the new remote, there will be a new share button to share your games with friends. Simply click the share button, this will immediately allow you to stream trimmed parts of the game to social platform including Facebook, and that friends can then browse the game video and to assist with playing if you get stuck or could not figure out a certain stage of the game. This new design also canada goose jacket outlet toronto provides canada goose sale uk a new touchpad on the top of the remote, acting like a better version of the back of PS Vita. While technology seems to be going crazy, Sony also mentioned that beyond canada goose outlet online store any other game devices in the current game platform, the company will be introducing the new technology remote play, where players can run the game on their PS4 devices and then send canada goose outlet new york the data to their handset PS Vita, allowing players to continue their games on the PS Vita, or even a few tablets and smartphones, which able you to continue the game anytime anywhere you want from where you left off. canada goose deals

cheap Canada Goose PlayStation 4 had been described as having intensive power, more immersive play in this simple and easy to use device. canada goose outlet london uk Cerny also describe it as «like a PC, but supercharged.» PlayStation 4 will now have 8Gb of memory and its own local hard drive. It also has a X86 CPU, GDDR5 memory and uses the APU technology, which will be at the top of the technology and graphic line. cheap canada goose outlet shop Canada Goose

canada goose black friday sale The whole new system will also allow each player to have their own profile pages like Facebook, allowing chats, games they are playing, canada goose outlet uk scores and ranking to be shown. With the new developed gamestore in the PS network, Sony will be offering a bigger variety of new games. With the new personal account, players can now start playing the game while downloading, which makes the whole platform more convenient and handy. canada goose black friday sale

buy canada goose jacket With the partnership between Sony and Blizzard, Chris Metzen had announced that Diablo III will soon be launched sometime in this year for both PS3 and PS4. A quick history about Blizzard is that Blizzard North, who designed both the Diablo I and II, departed and start designing on Torchlight. Blizzard South, leading by Jay Wilson, then took over and redeveloped the whole Diablo game system, creating this new Diablo III. However, many gamers and media are conversing about how they are uncertain about the changes made in the brand new system of canada goose outlet germany Diablo III, including small details like an item equipped with a player will be canada goose outlet winnipeg address bound to your chosen character permanently. However, partnership with SCEJ is definitely one big advantage in regarding to canada goose outlet florida its popularity and that fans and gamers can now continue this game outside home or office with their handsets such as PS Vita. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose clearance Another two big games Destiny and Watchdog that fans and gamers are expecting have also been announced to be launched soon in the same year. Activision had designed Destiny a first person shooter game in this new universe which you can play by yourself or with your friends in this game. On the other hand, Ubisoft’s new adventure Watch Dogs allows players to take control of everything you can imagine in the game such as people and traffic jams, canada goose outlet vancouver promoting that «everything is connected, everyone is connected.» It will also be a more immersible, more creative and more interactive game. canada goose clearance

canadian goose jacket Right before the launch event today, Hiroshi Kawano, President of SCEJ, announced on 18 canada goose womens outlet February in Japan, that SCEJ will lower the prices of PS Vita, starting on the 28th of this month. Interestingly, prices for both Wifi and 3G devices will be at the same price, making PS Vita 3G even more attractive and worth canada goose outlet store uk buying. canada goose outlet price Now that canada goose outlet las vegas the launch event had introduced how PS Vita and PS4 can be more connected than how it connects with PS3, this is predicted to re increase the sale of the PS Vita during the year before PS4 launches canadian goose jacket.

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